Ekaakshara – Vol 5 – January 2014


Wish you and your family an incredible 2014!!!
The Learning and Development Community of Practice has 4500 members today. This sounds incredible considering the fact that this community came into existence only a little over 2 years ago. When we started this community, we had no idea how it would evolve. Today this is a vibrant community, full of actions abounding thought processes. You would see at least a dozen new discussions starting every day in the community discussion board on FACEBOOK. Please visit the page, if you haven’t already:
We have been consistently evolving as a Community. Our activities today are not restricted to the discussions among group members in the Discussion Board in Facebook. Recently, premier Training organization Sigma Trail has announced L&D CoP as their Community Partner. Ekakshaara, L&D group’s quarterly E-magazine is coming out regularly.

The current issue is the 5th issue of Ekakshaara. This is also the first issue of 2014. The theme for this issue is CHANGE MANAGEMENT. This topic is highly relevant today to L&D and HR professionals. Articles by many eminent and accomplished writers feature in this edition. I am confident that you would benefit from the writings of these experts.

We hope you would enjoy reading this edition of Ekakshaara ! !

You can download the full edition at – Ekakshaara – January 2014