Brain Power and How to optimise it

This time “Chat with the Expert” was conducted on 28th of July. Anish, our expert and he spoke about “Brain Power and How to optimise it”


Question: How can we train young minds to use their full potential?

Anish: Young minds must be exposed to information in connectivity. In other words teach history connecting it to other subjects. Do not isolate information/ knowledge. Brain power is first gift of nature and then through our experiences and learning you improve it.
Question: Is the Human Brain regenerative? Is it true that even Einstein used only 7{8ead27c4518c0b10559874054ae3fda4d54ed4b9784c4144c679fdb93c45d0af} of his brain?

Anish: The human is regenerative only through constant use. When we are born we have numerous neurons ready to create path ways. So right from our young days if we are exposed to multiple areas of intellectual experience which includes sports. We can develop an optimum healthy brain. The fact that Einstein used only 7{8ead27c4518c0b10559874054ae3fda4d54ed4b9784c4144c679fdb93c45d0af} is wrong.


Question: Could you tell more about “Amydgala Hijack”?

Anish: Amygdala is that part of the brain that handles emotions. To understand this we must understand the brain and the mind. The brain is biologically driven, while the mind is concept driven. If we conceive a threat to be threatening our very being it can shut your thinking.


Question: How do I enhance the capability of my brain while simultaneously using the current capacity to the maximum?

Anish: First, we need to understand the meaning of brain capacity and mind capability.
The brain is a constantly changing phenomenon. But you must use your mind to do it. When you do things out of routine and through practice of thinking acting and feeling; you are in a position to improve your capacity and capability.


Question: How can we use techniques such as Meditation, NLP techniques to enhance our Brain/Mind power?

Anish: Meditation is the answer to your questions. Through meditation you are in a position to initiate your subconscious mind with your conscious mind.


Question: Could you explain more about left and right side brain activities?

Anish: First of all, it is not right to isolate the brain as left and right with activities. We must come out with activities that can connect and initiate both the brains to work in tandem. Research has proved right/left brain activities as a myth. We are only aware of our brain only to the extent you use and observe. So keep doing new things. It is infinite. That’s the reason I said there can be no expert on this subject there is only learning


Question: With children, is it right to put them in multiple areas like arts, music, sports all at the same time? Would it information overload?

Anish: Allow the child to explore introduce the child to all activities observe what attracts the child and then take a call.


Question: How do you suggest somebody who is new to meditation to start? Is there a particular way to initiate oneself into meditation?

  • Meditation is a very personal process. Meditation is the act of detaching yourself from the environment and observing it without prejudice. It is not just closing your eyes and calming yourself. It is using your consciousness to observe the subconscious environment which is both internal and external. Try and develop your own method of meditation. Do not follow but take suggestions.
  • There are no particular ways to initiate meditation. When you meditate always have purposes otherwise you are just sleeping or resting. So when you have a purpose- you have a goal- the state of mind starts to work on conscious mode. And further on the path through observation you invoke your super conscious mind.


Question: It is believed as we grow old our brain becomes weaker. Is it true? How to stall the ageing process of our brain?

Anish: The brain never becomes weaker it is made so by our mind which is restricted to play so called appropriate roles imposed by society. The ageing brain if it is a biologically initiated becomes a medical reason can be regenerative through meditation.


Question: What about the age related phenomenon as Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease?

Anish: When you abuse your brain with chemicals and wrong food you have age related issues. When we are young we are discovering, then we get old we think we are discovered and we stop using a large part of our brain. Sir Abdul Kalam ji is the best example. His body aged but his brain was young and rich even to the last second.

Question: How can we improve the focus and concentration in small kids?

Anish: When a child is born the whole world is new to it. So obviously the child is devoid of focus. Have you ever seen a tiger cub focusing on its prey? But that doesn’t mean the child or the cub is not concentrating. Childhood is an age for discovering, first the self and then the world through the self. But what education does is expecting the child to discover the world through others not through the self. If you need to teach a child to learn, they need to become the child student. It’s a reverse process of learning from the child about the child to teach the child.


Question: What is the difference between conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious?

Anish: There is an immense difference between human consciousness and animal consciousness. Human consciousness is he power to detach, stand back and observe. Of which, the subconscious mind is trained to absorb certain things, observing and by reacting to the environment. The absorbed factors are then deposited into the unconscious mind.