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The Future of Workforce Learning

World”s Leading magazine on Training and Development, ‘TRAINING INDUSTRY MAGAZINE’ has featured an article of mine in their Winter 2015 Issue..Please read this at your leisure..Look forward to your feedback…. Surya

The pace at which current knowledge is turning obsolete and new knowledge is being created is mind-boggling. The knowledge we use today, at work or in business, was never taught to us in college. And, a lot of the knowledge we are going to use a decade from now, doesn’t exist today.

Organizations that learn faster than this rate of change are going to survive in the 21 st century. So the question is whether organizations are geared up for this and if they have the right learning strategy for the 21st century?

Conventional learning methods will not be able to address the need for creating and disseminating new knowledge at a fast pace.

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