Monday Blues

“Monday Blues” – a generic term – denotes the most lethargic and depressing moments for going to workplace after a joyful Sunday. This concept often resembles to some of the situations at our workplace that make us gloomy.

With this initiative of L&D Global, on every Monday, we will converse on different organisational as well as employee centric situations / challenges in the form of online group discussion at L&D Global’s what’s app groups, LinkedIn forum and also at L&D community linked through ‘Facebook’. Our mission is to come out with effective and innovative solutions. And the different perspectives, emerging out from such discussion, will be presented as an article at L&D Global website at #Monday Blues# section at the later part of the week.

This concept is the brain-child of L&D Global Founder Mr. Surya Prakash Mohapatra and I, Jayati Mukherjee (an L&D Enthusiast), will be with you on every Monday to anchor this discussion.