Author: Shweta Sharma

Happy to share the third episode of Twitter Chat, #LnDTalk that I conducted for L&D Global on October 9, 2015; the former two being – Business Excellence through L&D and How to Design Learning.

The reason I chose to chat about Innovations in Learning is that this subject is very close to my heart and this actually is reflected in all the projects I design and deliver in the Learning and Talent Development domain across the organizations.

Once again, the questions I faced were from Learning Consultants and Business Personnel from across India and they reflected the need to innovate and create more.

Am happy to receive the support of Mr. Surya P Mohapatra, Founder and Chief Executive, L&D Global – Learning and Development Group – for enabling this forum.

Here’s an excerpt to the chat:

Question: Do you think personality traits of leadership are important to encourage innovation?

Me: Very important; Innovation in a structure is mostly top-down and more so coz it needs investment.

With innovation comes the range of Risk-Scale and risk has to be taken by the leader, a team-member cannot be expected to take the lead. Only a strong risk bearing and calculating mindset can encourage innovation.

Question: Is Innovation in Learning all about technology only or anything else also?

Me: Not at all, technology is only recent, learning has always been there! Humans have always evolved in how they learn.

Innovation should never be considered as synonymous with technology; in fact this is a widespread myth that exists. Innovation is all about making things better by either improvising or creating something new and this really can be minus the technology too.

Question: What innovation tips for the undeserved with almost no exposure to technology and low English levels?

Me: Just let them experience the real-world & relate that with their books and vice versa; let them explore and experiment.

Innovation naturally comes when one understands the existing and thinks of taking it further. For that, you can belong to any ‘status of the society’ and you definitely need not be from a ‘privileged’ class. The only differentiating factor is – how one manages the resources for execution!

Question: Behavioral trainings do not receive credibility in organizations as the effectiveness isn’t evident. How do we innovate?

Me: Hold -> Bite-size sessions & Activities, Floor-walks, FGDs, Debates, Evaluations, Invite Positive Energy & Conviction.

Behavioral trainings are all about hitting what’s below the ice-berg! Most times the effectiveness doesn’t come because we don’t identify what’s underneath really and design a collective forum. These tips I gave are not only to bring people together but also to help them express themselves.

In continuation to above question on behavioral training, there was a related question: Will the business leaders wake-up?

Me: It’s a huge Dominos, eventually will reach everybody, give it time.

Spirit of Innovation is extremely contagious; once it possesses a team-member, gradually everybody joins the wagon. I say this despite the fact that innovation is not widely accepted in well-laid out secure systems.

Question: What do you think is the most disruptive innovation in Learning?

Me: I think it’s the digital platform Vs the physical world, so e-learning, as its added disruption and variety!

The good news with digital learning is that it is so easy to reach, self-paced and even lesser expensive as compared to Instructor Led Sessions. However, many times organizations try to infuse the digital platform where an ILS was required. In that, digital platform has become disruptive and even inappropriately used!

Question: How useful is gamification?

Me: Very useful as it engrosses the learner by using playful methods, who doesn’t like to play?

Gamification is a subject that is increasingly being explored right now in the context of Learning and Education. The principles are extremely fascinating and I recently had an opportunity to learn them through Wharton University. Gamification helps the learner in easing the mind and channelizing their energy and this further helps in better outcomes from the learning forum!

Hope you enjoyed reading the excerpt and found value in it. Do share your thoughts.

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