Author: Ms. Sushma Santhosh, Marketing Professional, Passionate Writer
Member: L&D Global, Bengaluru Chapter

Laudable successful people are always different from the rest of the crowd like “knight among warriors”. They think and act differently. Skepticals doubt, critics sneer, life shows the tougher version but they always know to bounce forward. Here is the remarkable success story of Arunima Sinha. Arunima has been awarded with Padma Shri is the year 2015 and Tenzing Norway Highest Mountaineering award in India. Arunima was born in the year 1988, she was a national level volleyball player. In the year 2011 when she was traveling in the train she was pushed by robbers, Arunima fell on the track she tried to escape, couldn’t do much the train passed over her leg.As a result  one of her leg was amputated. Arunima was still under treatment in AIIM she aimed to hoist Indian flag on Mount Everest and she was unstoppable. On 21st May, 2013 Arunima with her prosthetic leg reached the tip of Mt. Everest.

Mountaineering demands time and vigorous coaching. Arunima was  physically challenged, financial crisis was mounting climatic conditions were also not in her favour but Arunima was tough like nail . Charismatic Arunima did what she aimed to do and proved “disability is just state of mind”.

As rightly said by George Washington Carver “ Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses”. People get used to the habit of telling excuse stories. This state of mind is called Excusitis.

Excusitis is the word coined by Dr. David Schwaertz. Excusitis the disease of making excuses, seen in  mediocres.

Why people get habituated to “excuse making”?

People are scared of failures. The reasons for this fear could be past failures, failures of their people , over consciousness, too much of expectations from family and friends and many more. This fobia forces them to make safe nest in the canopy of excuses.

Superabundance of instances where we see young entrepreneurs, old students, emblazoned super moms. These were also irked by bad luck, disabilities, tough situations the fact was that they were unrestrainable. Excuse makers makes different types of excuses. Hence excusitis  appears in wide variety of forms the worst types are 

  • Health excusitis: here people magnify the a small health issue or they just assume to have have health problem and start with excuse making.
  • Intelligence excusitis: they either underestimate their intelligence or overestimate others’ intelligence and sulk within
  • Age excusitis: they are always too young or too old to do whatever is expected from them
  • Luck excusitis: they can only see what others are privileged and are blind to see more and learn what has taken them there and sit in a corner and keep whining that they are not born with favourable luck.

Panoptics of excusitis will be complete with few remedial tips.

  • Try to find the reasons why you are giving excuses, what is that you want to avoid, what you are scared of . Ask yourself a question how long you can avoid the things which you are avoiding them ? what you are paying this?
  • Develop a self persona: the person who is free from excusitis who is energetic and successful
  • Set your role model: role model need not one like Abdul Kalam you can see only his success not daily lifestyle so let your role model be someone close to you observe and try to adapt their style get inspired to have proper process.
  • Set smaller goals then plan act to reach the goal. Never forget to celebrate these incidents.
  • Share your plan of getting rid of excusitis with one from your family or friends so that they remind you whenever you are getting deviated and can congratulate and celebrate when you meet to milestones .
  • Networking with people: Network with people to learn that they are not perfect and they were not always blessed with perfect situations. Handling imperfections is the key to success.

Life could be little unfair with you but the fact is that life is unfair to many of us in different walks of life nevertheless  past failures, tough times can’t derail us.  Externalising the cause of failure invites next series of failures. Let’s get rid of this rut named as “Excusitis”.

We are winners not whiners 🙂

Author: Ms. Sushma Santhosh, Marketing Professional, Passionate Writer
Member: L&D Global, Bengaluru Chapter