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L&D GROUP RELEASES THE 9TH EDITION OF EKAAKSHARA: We are happy to release the much awaited NEW YEAR edition of Ekaakshara EJournal– your favourite e-magazine. With this edition Ekaakshara has arrived with a new look. We are thankful to UX Interface for designing the new year edition. Once again a fabulous job by the Editorial Team. Kudos to our writers for the thought-provoking articles on the theme of this edition,i.e,HR ANALYTICS. Download your e-copy today. Ellora Panda,Pranab K. Pani, Kjetil Kristensen, Mridula Das, Rashmi Bansal, Anil Chouhan-PremAnand, Saunak Rajguru Rasmita Jena Sanjay Bhavesh J Kothari Shraddha Shabda Panchal

Download the edition from: Ekaakshara- Vol-9 (January-March-2015)