Ekaakshara – Vol 8 – October 2014


October is a Special month. It marks the beginning of the festive season in many parts of the world. In the midst of festivities all around, we are launching the 8th edition of Ekaakshara.

This edition of Ekaakshara is also special for another reason. In this issue, we have featured as many as 13 women writers for the first time. We are proud of the diversity and equal opportunity that Ekaakshara represents and offers.


Well, what is the need for rethinking in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at the Corporate World today. Today an organization’s fortunes depend on how it responds to the demand-supply dynamics in the industry. Customers’ demands are evolving. At the same time competition is becoming acute. Changes such as increasing competition and evolving customer demands, slower economic growth, globalization and the impact of advanced forms of technology have put pressure on organizations to constantly innovate and invent. For example, in a global economy, customers demand and expect lower prices, faster deliveries and fewer defects. Evolving customer expectations and rising competition are the main drivers for strategic actions and innovation. Organizations, to be able to take these strategic actions and drive innovation need to have the right capabilities. Therefore organizations face the need to acquire or build the right capabilities. However, acquiring or building capability is not a one-time exercise. Industry dynamics drive new capability requirement on an on-going basis. Some of the knowledge that we use today did not exist a decade ago. Some of the knowledge we are going to use a decade from now doesn’t exist today. Therefore to be able to develop, maintain and upgrade capabilities on an on-going basis, organizations need to have a robust capability building engine.
While most organizations have a Capability Building engine, in many cases, this engine is either obsolete or rusty. Hence, there is a need for organizations to reassess their training and development capability and rethink their L&D strategy. We have invited 22 eminent industry thought leaders and L&D experts to throw light on this topic. This collection of articles is going to be a wealth of practical experiential wisdom that you can leverage as L&D and HR practitioners. I am sure you would like to preserve a copy of this issue for future use as well.

I am happy to share with you that Ekaakshara has been appointed as the International Media Partner for Europe’s premier HR conference, HRTECH EUROPE 2014. I would encourage you to register for this conference which is being held in Amsterdam on 23rd and 24th of October this year.


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