Ekaakshara – Vol 6 – April 2014


It has been an interesting journey for EKAAKSHARA for over a year and a half. As we bring out the 6th edition of your favourite e-journal, let me take this opportunity to give you a quick account of this journey and the milestones. We launched the first ever quarterly e-magazine for L&D and HR professionals in September 2012 and have never looked back since then. Ekaakshara became a theme based e-journal in April 2013. Since then, every edition of Ekaakshara has had a theme. This e-journal is truly global today. It reaches out to nearly 10000 plus L&D and HR professionals from across the globe. Each edition features contributions from writers of international repute. The icing on the cake was when Ekaakshara won the prestigious award in the category of BEST ON-LINE MAGAZINE in the 8th annual PRCI Global Communication Conclave in Mumbai in February 2014. We owe this success to our esteemed writers and readers. You have always encouraged us with your appreciation and positive feedback. You have challenged us with your critique and suggestions.
Our milestones in the last one and a half year mean a lot to us. However, they do not make us complacent. We know that the journey has just begun. Ekaakshara would like to keep inventing and reinventing itself. It would like to play its role in bringing industry and society thought leaders closer to the larger L&D, HR and Corporate Communication fraternity. It would like to prod L&D, HR and Corporate Communication professionals into taking a pragmatic approach to business and corporate excellence. It is time that the HR professionals rise to the occasion and make an impact.
The theme for the current issue of Ekaakshara is: LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. In the last decade or so evolution of social media has taken our personal, social and professional lives by storm. Organizations have begun to realize the immense power of Social Media. But is it enough for the organizations just to realize? Or is there more to it? Have businesses and organizations harnessed the potential of social media to the desired extent? We must recollect the famous words of Bruce Lee: “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” Organizations need to do a lot more than what they are doing today.
In this edition of Ekaakshara, we are bringing to you write-ups by a few experts and practitioners in the field of Social Media and Communication. I am sure you would find their write-ups useful. Happy Reading!!

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