Ekaakshara – Vol 2 – January 2013

Gap between knowing and doing

I am immensely happy that we are releasing the second issue of Ekakshaara. This issue in its new avatar has come out beautifully with insightful articles from the members of our L&D group. Our vision for Ekakshaara is to create a platform where thinking minds can come together and churn out new actionable ideas. In organizations today, there is a huge gap between knowing and doing. People know a lot but there is hardly any action. A lot of intellectual discussions take place at a cognitive level inside the four walls of board rooms. Path-breaking ideas emerge but these ideas themselves lose their path somewhere mid-way. Can we break this jinx?

We are making a small attempt in that direction. There are pressing issues which are nagging the corporate and industry think-tank today. The growing skill-gap to meet industry growth, scarcity of leadership talent, employee attrition challenges, constant need to retain, manage, disseminate and grow knowledge in the age of knowledge workers, ability to manage a diverse workforce including millennial, Gen-Y and baby boomers in the same organization are the pressing issues just to name a few. All these issues require tangible result-oriented actions and not just ideas. So what our L&D CoP is going to do about it? Well, through the L&D Community, we would like to encourage divergent views on various issues. However, at the end we would like to converge on actionable ideas to deal with these issues. Once we have convergence of actionable ideas, we shall then create awareness about them and if possible influence the thinking minds to act. This is where the rubber hits the road. That is our vision. However, today we are miles and miles away from this dream. Ekaskshaara is a humble yet small beginning in that direction.

Our Community is a global team with nearly 1400 L&D and HR professionals across the globe from across industries as members. We have been collaborating and engaging as a virtual team for a little over a year now through our weekend polls, Monday Mantras; Thoughtful Thursdays and so on…Take a peep into our collaborative space:

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