Ekaakshara – Vol 1 – September 2012

The Myth of Leadership Development

I am extremely happy that the Learning and Development Facebook Group is releasing the first issue of EKAKSHAARA on the occasion of our 1st Anniversary celebration. EKAKSHAARA is the voice of the Learning and Development Facebook Group.

At the outset, let me give you a bit of background about our Community and EKAKSHAARA. In September 2011, a few of us from the Learning and Development fraternity in India took a small initiative to start a collaborative community. We used FACEBOOK‟s create group feature to set up a community of learning and development professionals. To start with, I invited a few of my colleagues and ex-colleagues to join the group. We were about 50-odd members at the end of the first month. What started as a modest beginning with a handful of members in India has now metamorphosed into a growing community of 1100+ Learning and Development professionals from across industries from all over the world. In today‟s dynamic and highly inter-dependent world, the mantra is: Collaborate or Perish.

In this context, Communities of Practice are great forums for collaboration, knowledge sharing, informal and insightful learning. In some sense, our group is a little different from other virtual communities. Today we run several weekly features like Monday Mantra (featuring quotes on learning), Tuesday Tips (Tips on leadership, talent management etc.), Wednesday Book Reviews, Thoughtful Thursday (features insightful, thought-provoking articles), Friday Polls (weekly surveys on topics which merit debate). Each section is owned by a member and the concerned member ensures that the section or category owned by him/her is updated regularly.

The secret of our success is that we have kept community active, alive and vibrant.

After successfully running this forum for several months, all of us decided to do something beyond posting and blogging in the group page. And building on this idea, we decide to launch an e-newsletter which will feature articles, write-ups, research papers, cross-words, quizzes etc. related to learning and development.

A core group led by Ellora Panda got together to give this a real shape. And finally with their untiring efforts, EKAKSHAARA was born.
And it has made a small journey to reach your mail box today. Please extend a warm welcome to your own EKAKSHAARA. Give it the attention a new born baby deserves.

I hope you all would love it and adore it. Please share your feedback on the first issue of EKAKSHAARA. Finally let all of us come together to continue to build on the successes we have achieved so far.

Let‟s make it an enlivening, enlightening and enriching experience for all of us.

Download the full issue at – Ekakshaara- Sep 2012 Issue