Madhusudan Dalich

Author: Madhusudan Dadhich

I’m into HR Recruitment so have to manage the entire client’s requirement in the morning, and arrange them in the highest priority to the lowest (not urgent), passing on the vacancies and database to other team members, following up with the daily walk-ins, looking after the queries of yesterday, and in the end, managing my social accounts and whatsapp account as well as many candidates on daily basis approach me through different sources.

To make this list I’ve to start working an hour before from my daily working time also to manage everything in order I usually extend an hour more in the evening as well. Due to which all my personal task hobbies and extra work goes on loop and procrastinating them became a habit.

My personal life and work started messing up leaving behind all my hobbies like singing, animation, editing videos and writing. When we are not able to make proper balance in work, personal life and family it makes our mind unstable and we start making more mistakes, lose grip/interest in our work, and avoid meeting up with friends. Hence, end up doing nothing Productive.

I know almost everyone come across with this problem in their daily routine. Not to worry as I’ve few “very simple tips” on how to be managed and be productive as well.

There is a great myth deep rooted in our minds that doing hard, typical and complex things will only make a difference, but the truth is implementing simple and smart habits can easily make a huge difference in one’s life.

Let’s start step by step, remember no rocket science here, just few simple habits to include in your daily routine:

  • Always begin your day with morning walk and meditation to keep you calm and fresh all day long. Even daily 2mins meditation would do.
  • Good Breakfast: Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast.
  • By keeping your cell phone, social sites and other distracting things aside. Take a diary and make a list of things which you are supposed to do for your personal growth.
  • Now, in terms of your work, note down all the things what you are supposed to do not what others want you to do. For example: We usually go to office open mail and see what others have for us and because of which we miss our major task and it takes our most productive morning time, making us move faster due to lack of time we skip few important work.
  • So, make a list of important work which has a great impact in terms of business or job and then see what others have for you on desk.
  • Always do the major and important task in your peak productive time. Like for me it’s around 2-5pm.
  • Learn to say NO! Do you remember attending a meeting which ends up with boredom and a complete waste of time? Saying NO can recapture valuable time that enhances your productivity.
  • Multitasking means doing lot of things, but one at a time. Divide the tasks in steps and handle single task at a time this will allow you to keep more focus, and once finished, your mind becomes clear and ready to take another challenge.
  • Driving down the road to reach your work station puts your mind in stress for a while due to traffic. Always keep a few mins gap, sip a cup of coffee/juice whatever suits you and then start your day.
  • Avoid replying to unwanted marketing calls, emails, etc it takes your important time without even letting you know.
  • Block out negativity and failures of past and start your day with fresh mood.
  • Keep your desk clean it makes the working environment positive and you can focus more.

Implementing these habits will not only keep you happy, but it will make your mind more relax and calm, here’s how:

  • You get extra time for your family.
  • You can concentrate on your hobbies which make your mood chill, keeping you productive all day long.
  • Now you’re well organized so you go home early saving your evening time for other important work/family/friends.
  • You get time to keep your body fit and healthy, which creates new ideas/plans.
  • You can free time to help others as well.

“It helped me a lot, not necessary that you implement everything all of a sudden, but try taking out one at a time and practice it unless you get it in your daily routine, without putting any extra effort.”

By organizing my daily routine, I’m able to finish my important work as planned, which gives me some extra time to focus more on business growth, people management, and new ideas.

“Make your today, better than yesterday”