Madhusudan Dalich

Author: Madhusudan Dadlich, HR Professional, Blogger, Writer

I work as a HR Recruiter and I’ve seen that almost 70{8ead27c4518c0b10559874054ae3fda4d54ed4b9784c4144c679fdb93c45d0af} of the fresher girls who apply for a job have similar issues; i.e., “Sir kuch bhi kar ke urgent job chahiye, nai to gharwale shaddi kar denge.”

Not only educating girls is our job instead looking after them after graduation is real important; I’ve seen that we take care of females who are poor and are from small town, suffering from illiteracy and we’re helping them a lot to make their parents and society aware of education.

But apart from this if you come to educated societies where they send their daughter for higher education make them engineers and leave. After then now they look for a good earning family so that they can settle her down and finally end up like it was a great headache.

#Parents: No, your part of job is not over: After graduation since you’ve educated her am pretty sure she must be having her own dream apart from marriage. You need to look after that as well. You must not force her to make any relation unless she is comfortable; this increases her mental stress as well and makes her feel down and inferior.

#College: Giving education to females is not enough, looking after their placement is also important, leaving them out in the market with no practical knowledge is not a fair game. Education must be skill based not only theoretical. Every time they go for a job on her personal level, company’s says “Aap ko to pata hai what you studied was theoretical, ek kaam karo aap training karo 6months fir aapki performance ke basis pe will tell you are hired or not.” Then they go to parents asking for money for that training and they deny. 4yrs of B.Tech which involves more than 3lacs isn’t that enough to train her completely. #Educationdemandschange

#Government: Only educating girl is not the solution actually you are making them weak by leaving them half way. You must ensure that the college provides proper education to them. The books which they are reading are actually worth time and secure for their future. Most of the colleges do not provide good placement and sad to say that the students has to verify that the company which is coming is fake or not. I myself have seen that the students after doing their engineering are placed in fake companies which they come to know after visiting the campus and months passes they do not get their fixed salary. Which in the end making them feel low and down.

This mission of educating girl has to be changed. The mental state of society, parents and our Government requires a change.