The monthly Chat Session was held on 2nd March and this time we are featuring Parvathy, Founder of Cucumber Consultants. She will talk on “Challenges in attracting and hiring Talent.”

The Chat started off with Parvathy telling us” let’s focus more on how can we handle the challenges…no two hiring challenges will be the same even within the same industry, let alone even within the same company!  And there is no one answer that fits all.

Question: Though the situation is bad for big organisations, it gets worst for startups. No matter how much startups experiment by making salaries attractive, flexible working hours, work from home etc. Still the applications they receive are very less in number and low on quality?

Parvathy: Yes, startups have to improve on their hiring process despite the speed they need to get the biz up & running. Its not all about money, It’s more to do with qualitative time spent on fitment analysis. And startups have to figure & make the right noise at the right places/forums.

Question: Certain company believe that the lateral hiring should be minimum and all hiring to be campus hiring. Fill all vacancies internally. What is your view on this?

Parvathy: It should always be a healthy mix!
Question: As a young business, our biggest challenge is that though we desire to pay our staff better n offer them more perks, we’re constrained by our limitations in capital n cash flow. How can we ensure we hire, train and retain good talent?

Parvathy: Give the ambience & environment to thrive at work. Help employees to better themselves. You will be able to get them to accept a base fixed pay plus a higher variable component proportional to revenues generated. You need to show them you care and you WANT them to earn more. You can train them enough to show that model will work better in long run for them too.

Question: Even though we draft JDs carefully with roles, skills and KPIs clearly defined, attracting applications is still a challenge.  In fact, the recruitment agencies in most cases fail to share the right kind of resume. What is your suggestion?

Parvathy: Certainly hiring strategy boils down to what the business goals & objectives are…if that co has the need for fresh blood, enthusiastic youngsters with high energy and quick on social media etc more of campus hire but need the experience to balance out & not become one big circus.

Question: In spite of giving many perks new generation employees tend to leave company and do not show stability, How to deal with it?
Parvathy: I have been trying to educate clients & recruiters alike on the importance  of the following
a) Necessity of transparency between client & consultant
b) Consultant to understand client org & get under the skin so much so you feel the aches & pains and joys if the org
c) Understand why hiring is being done in the first place
And then see how best we consultants can help the client do well. Sometimes hiring itself should be dissuaded.

Question: How to hire appropriate people on case of part time assignments and particularly retired people.


*Understanding of my industry, then my company
*Readiness to own up
*Has a spine?
*Communicate effectively.. not worried about language fluency
*Positive approach
*Clarity in thought & speech
*Ability to lead

Question: Why should the focus be on retention deliberations. The ownership doctrine of the founders starts with the exit strategy. Being in one job is also being suspected. How does our thought process be disruptive there?

Parvathy: Not all founders start organizations to exit. Many are founded to just stay – 20 yrs..25 yrs..100yrs..

Also some see stability as a huge advantage while some look at with suspicion
Guess if we all work at not boxing people and instead treat each interaction with a clean slate without pre conceived notions, will help understand suitability & fitment better.. calls for educating ourselves, client community, candidate community & society in general.