Single biggest thing which controls our life – Beliefs.

When we see a human being – apart from visible flesh and bones, there are millions of beliefs working at sync at the deepest core. Beliefs about everything, right from eating, wearing, working, studying, to job, money, relationship, love, health, environment, success, failure, friends, enemies and probably about everything which exists in the universe.
These beliefs, generally, get formed, knowingly, unknowingly, consciously, unconsciously, without even us being aware of it. And, with time, some of these beliefs do change when we experience a radical, opposite experience in our life.
If we have been through some bad relationships or may be our partner, male or female were not loyal; we end up forming a belief that all the males or females are like that, dis-loyal, untrustworthy. And this belief, which works like a programming in our mind, makes sure that we end up having more of these bad & challenging relationship experiences. Some of us believe money is the source of all evil, if we have been through some bad experiences in past related to money or have been told so by someone in authority, repeatedly, now this belief will make sure we end up being poor, in full scarcity of money, as we end up constantly creating, attracting thoughts, feelings and emitting energies which will repel the prosperity energies in our life.

Now, the point to notice and the truth is, money is not the source of evil, how we use that money is the key, it can be used rightly or wrongly, for good charitable work or to fund unpeaceful activities . So like this, most of us have become master in generalising everything. We take one, single, limiting and bad experience and based on it, we generalise or categorised whole world, whole life in it. And almost every time that generalisation is nothing more than a dis-empowering meaning given to the event. Failing once or twice, by no way will make us a failed person. Even failing 10000 times is not a proof that, as an individual we are a failure, it simply means, some behaviours which we have displayed, some choices which we have made are still not correct, and not in proper sync in relation to the outcomes or goals we are willing to achieve.

Remaining with these kinds of beliefs, or letting these limiting, false beliefs run our life is what some call as being in darkness. Darkness, because here the past is beautifully controlling us, our limited experiences have been the primary driver of your life. Our every thought and every action becomes only a product of our past experiences. Whatever happens, we instantly start categorising, labelling, bracketing, and framing them under our limiting, dis-empowering beliefs.

Hence, we no more live, exist in present, not experiencing the newness, the freshness of every moment. We prefer being in past, carrying the past in us, letting the past govern us. And you will soon see what that past has done, we have been suffering, with pain, this is voluntary suffering, suffering by making a choice to suffer whereas we should be fully alive to the new moment coming in our life, new experiences happening in our life, new people coming in our life, instead of allowing life too unfold, we have just been replacing the beauty of life with ugliness and that too by a conscious choice.

If you happen to go through the work of some leading biologist like Dr. Bruce Lipton, you will see how a wrong perception, a wrong set of beliefs completely changes our biochemistry and which can lead to some major biological changes in our life. A belief can be a difference between life and death. Another series of medical studies of more than 3500+ cases done by the Institute of Noetic Sciences proves miraculous cure and healing of stage 4 cancer, arthritis, diabetes, HIV+ and almost all kind of disease just by a change in belief, which also popularly being known as the “placebo effect”.

Now, the wisdom is in understanding that all we believe or things we have a belief about, MAY NOT be true at all. Something which we have believed but which probably is a limiting, dis-empowering belief will end up sabotaging, harming, and destroying us in long term. As a result we will never be able to live as a whole, in perfect physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health.
Being open always to the possibility that what we may have believed may not be correct and questioning our own set of beliefs is the surest and safest way to become wise and live a blissful and joyful life. It’s about watching, observing, analyzing, discerning, and putting our own-self in a state of questioning and following a process of exploring the truth. And then only one realizes that there is something which exists deeper, much deeper than our beliefs.
Some of the ways which can help us to change our disempowering belief is to become consciously mindful and aware about the deepest and strongest convictions we have in our life. What are our views, opinions and beliefs about money, relationships, life, work, health, wealth, success, failure, spirituality, God? Writing down these beliefs on a piece of paper, at a stretch, non-stop, helps in uncovering the deepest subconscious beliefs too. Once you have got these beliefs in front of you, through a continuous process of reflection, start questioning them one by one. Check what these beliefs have done to you, have they made you become happy or unhappy, successful or un-successful, being more loving or unloving?
Once you start this process of self reflection, you see how quickly changes start coming in your life. How you open gates of opportunities, where existed walls, how you attract love, where you attracted trouble.

Some of the beliefs which have served me beautifully are:
• No matter what happens, it helps me positively to grow in my life.
• The past does not equal the future.
• I create my own reality and am responsible for what I create.
• Happiness and joy, no matter what is a top priority in whatever I do.
• Every day above ground is a great day.
• I live in an infinitely intelligent universe and for my every right question; I shall have a right answer.
• All limitations are only set of imaginary thoughts and emotions which exist in my mind – if I can imagine it, I can do it.
• Everyone and everything is only playing a magnificent role in helping me become what I truly deserve to be, the highest potential in me.

I invite you to consider, reflecting, questioning and adopting a set of new beliefs, which serves like a programming in helping you run the program called life. The choice remains with you, it’s your game, it’s your rule, you are the captain and you are the team, the game has to be played by you, loss and win will be your judgement. In the end, you will be alone, like you came, same way you will go. What will be with you are only experiences and lessons learned and to be learned.
Bhagvada Gita rightly says “A Man is made by his beliefs; As he believes so he is”
Miracles & Lights,
Avinash Anand Singh, Founder – Blue Dot Transform
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