The crisp Saturday morning in Bangalore on 17th March, 2018, curtain raised on the monthly meet of L&D Global. The mission to Collaborate, Co create and Contribute was taking shape in the way the visionaries had planned.

9.30 am and The Concorde, the meeting room in Iris hotel, was abuzz with the elite learning and development professionals, each eagerly waiting to go through the Topics of Emotional quotient by

  1. Dare to Bare ( Undress your Emotional armour) by Lata Vashisht
  2. Experiential Lab: A participative workshop on applied EQ – by Shilpi Khandelwal

The meeting had many highlights worth mentioning:

  1. An amazing and seamless learning shared by both the speakers.
  2. The highest attendance and participation energy recorded by far, ever since L&D Global Bangalore inception …….the participation by the audience was sensational.
  3. The L&D Global Badges were distributed to the registered members for the first time, time the community  had some formal tools.
  4. Human Capital, an HR Magazine since 20 yrs shared complimentary copies to all the attendees.

Emotional quotient is a thought driven topic and Lata took us through the entire journey unmasking us from dramatising our everything is perfect face and dared us to show vulnerability in volatile times. The research that people are suffering from mind driven issues is alarming. Time to get the conditioning off from each one and sensitise to the actual feeling and tend the vulnerabilities towards a state of health and happiness. Some amazing thoughts like – ‘Bounce Forward” , Rivers never Reverse, and the difference between esteem and arrogance was beautifully explained by her.

Shilpi continued the journey and emphasised on Self Awareness being the key to Social awareness, which in turn strengthens our Self Management and gives a great relation ship bonding with others. Her energetic start with the story of Karoly, on never ever say ‘No” to oneself and the activity that engaged every one to zone in, in strategic times. Her thoughts on shifting the core, Collaborate enough and being mindful, made participants realise their blind spots.

It was a seamless morning from beginning to end. The 3 Cs of L&D Global, Collaborate, Co – create and Contribute was alive in the hearts of each attendees, And all felt the time was well felt and looked for to the next monthly meet.

Our Founder and a member adorning the LnD Global Badge:

Some action moments:

The meeting closed with announcement by Mohit and a group photo to vouch the fun, learning and bonding the participants had overall.

Author of this summary: Shilpi Khendalwal