It was all about measurable results and money

We had an interesting session on Saturday. Key takeaways as listed by Lata Vasisht & Jyoti G were:

Lata Vasisht:

“Thank you to Dr. Ramkumar Seshu for his insightful learning session. Thank you Surya Mohapatra Founder-lndGlobal Mohit Gupta Smitha Srikanth for coming up with such a wonderful session and an amazing speaker. Looking forward to many more learning experiences.



1. Transform your employees into your Passionate Broadcasters and Social Ambassadors.

2. Connect L&D with Performance. Impact of L&D should reflect in business results in terms of reduced costs, enhanced quality and increased productivity.

3. VUCA has changed the face of businesses. To trace it back, where production was once at the core, finance took over and later technology started ruling. Now, when L&D is gradually evolving as the Profit Center and taking a seat at the core, the key is to focus on the ‘Future of Work’. Look, Think and Plan Ahead – Experiences to offer, Values to be delivered and Culture to be driven in 2024 or 2029 when millennials and gen z will account for the majority of the workforce.


1. What is your personal profitability?
2. What is the cost of getting out of bed every day?

BOTTOM LINE – Learning Curve is the Earning Curve.”

Jyoti G:

You like it or don’t – you need to focus on 3 important things that will help to equip the organization to move forward.
• PRODUCTIVITY – The focus is not on cost per person but it is the cost per PERFORMANCE
• COST – How do we help customers REDUCE the cost
• QUALITY – We cannot operate in an acceptable quality but HIGH in quality
There was also an amazing story from Bhagavad Gita as `Arjuna as a Warrior’ and the gist is how are you conditioning the skilled resources in the real war scenario.
We have to be agile to deliver `Lifetime value to customers’ and point to ponder is how can we be “Passionate Broadcasters” and be `Maverick’ in the space we operate.

Some glimpses: