– Yes, it is good at multi-tasking?

– No, it can focus only on one task at a time.

  • Saunak Rajguru When you’re trying to accomplish two dissimilar tasks, each one requiring some level of consideration and attention, multitasking falls apart. Your brain just can’t take in and process two simultaneous, separate streams of information and encode them fully into short-term memory. It’s time to put down the smartphone, lift up your head, and actually listen to that funny joke your friend is telling or that question your boss is about to throw your way at the meeting. Increased productivity is available to us all—and surprisingly, it may come in the form of doing only one thing at a time.
  • Saswat Das well one can do multitasking however the myth remains which one of the tasks is important for me. The one which is important needs more focus & dedication
  • Pooja Swami When we think we are multitasking we r actually multi-switching that what the brain is good at doing quickly diverting its attention from one place to the next. We think we are being productive. We are indeed, being busy. But in reality we are simply giving ourselves extra work.
  • Som Satapathy Brain is essentially an electro-chemical device. it doesn’t do 10 things in a minute, It sure does 10 things in 10 minutes , and we call it multi-tasking smile emoticon. And as someone said “muti-switching”, when that switching time exceeds the time spent on any single task, we get mad/confused/tensed etc. smile emoticon
  • Ashita Banerjee My thoughts : when we are trying to multi task we are forcing our brain to work in different directions. if we need to concentrate and get desired results its best to focus on one task at a time … multi tasking leads to unwanted stress and rather elo
  • Ravichandran Venkataraman Very little is known about the brain…with what little we know, it looks like multi-tasking is not possible…but i am not convinced…sitting calmly and without a telescope or microscope if our rishis could make out that Jupiter is a gaseous planet a and that our chromosomes absorb light (read Devi Bhagavatham), there is so much more to fathom…this brain of ours is very powerful and we don’t know how to use it to multi-task.
  • Ravi K Chava To get a task done properly, it might be wise to use both halves of the brain, rather than giving two tasks as we have two sides of the brain. Doing a single task is not like meditation, where are energies are focused. While driving you can chat with co-travelers, watch around etc. as they would not distract (effectively meaning they happen casually without your focus on the same) but talking on a mobile sure has proven to be catastrophic as much as huge hoardings … as these tend to distract your attention from the job on hand. Doing one thing at a time with all your energies, while being still available … and not mixing up tasks is my selection. You can preset the amount of time you would focus on each task, to allow the mind to work in the back ground on more effective ways of dealing with problems. I found a lot of solutions, when I just let them be and moved to another task, rather than continually breaking my head on the issue which doesn’t solve in the preset time that I have set for it.
  • Deepthi Musley When you’re on the phone and writing an e-mail at the same time, you’re actually switching back and forth between them, since there’s only one mental and neural channel through which language flows. “If you have a complicated task, it requires all your attention, and if you’re trying to spread your attention over multiple tasks, it’s not going to work
  • Ravi K Chava Well put Deepthi, they would never go together, unless you are writing a mail where you are just adding attachments which you have already put together. The key would be the retention power, but take one task at a time as in the case of ashtawadhanam or for that matter sathawadhanam … Where the challengers are 8 / 100
  • Surya Prakash Mohapatra Brain is the most important part of our body. It is also extremely powerful. Is it good multitasking..The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. We can do multiple things at the same time. But we can only focus on one thing at a time. Brain is good at doing multiple low order tasks. But it is not good at performing more than one high order task at any point in time. For example, we can talk to our friend, while having coffee while watching television. A house-wife does a lot of things in the kitchen..These are all examples of low order tasks. But when we are performing high order tasks, we cannot multi-task. For example, when we are engaged in creative thinking, problem solving, innovating, listening to a discourse we need to focus on one task..